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Eating Disorder Group Therapy


End food and weight issues with mindful choices therapy, neuroscience, and the science of habit change in a 16 week group therapy experience

A Holistic Approach to Food & Weight Struggles, and

Addictive & Compulsive Behaviors–Learn to Thrive!

Hello, I'm Bill Shearer. My wife Robin and I have worked with food and weight issues since 1977. I created what may be the first eating disorder professional education program anywhere, an eating disorders certificate program, that began in California and spread throughout the United States. Robin and I have conducted eating disorder individual and group therapy for decades.

Our recovery group is for you if you want to live with more self-awareness and greater self-management skill. This group is for you if you want a fuller, richer, happier and healthier life where you consistently make conscious values-driven choices rather than compulsively pursuing urges, cravings, temporary fixes and unfulfilling habits. This group is for you if you want to achieve and maintain optimal wellness and well-being.

Wellness is about a focus on physical health while well-being is about "total" health or holistic health. Well-being is more than the physical and includes additional aspects of your life such as emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, sexual, relational, community, and spiritual health.

When we focus on any of these aspects while excluding others, the result is  often frustration and unhappiness. For example, consider how a preoccupation with one's weight or appearance can interfere with other important areas of life such as relationships or health. We see your problem, or “dis-ease,” as a symptom of a life out of balance.

Mindful Choices Therapy is a holistic approach that has evolved through many years of clinical practice. Years ago we realized that traditional treatment modalities aimed at reducing distress didn't go far enough in creating lasting emotional balance and well-being. Our clients wanted more. They wanted to thrive. We developed MCT in response.

Thus, Mindful Choices Therapy was created out of our recognition that well-being and thriving are multifaceted and rooted in choice and habit. When mindful awareness is coupled with making great choices and systematically practicing those choices to the point of powerful and enduring lifelong habits, well-being and thriving result. It's transformative and Mindful Choices Therapy is designed for that transformation.

We view the essence of a great life as growing systematically in self-awareness and self-management. Would you like to “become mindfully aware, make great choices, and turn those great choices into powerful and positive habits?

This group brings together tools and strategies from several disciplines and utilizes cutting-edge research from the neuroscience of habit change. The group is for long-term wellness and recovery, not only working on present addictive and compulsive behaviors, but getting down to the source of them and decreasing or eliminating their impact on your life. You will learn to decrease or stop addictive or compulsive behaviors. You will learn and practice healthy coping skills. You will learn skills to improve your personal and professional relationships and achieve long-term emotional growth. We invite you to imagine your ideal future self.

Our groups for eating disorders have been even more successful since we developed Mindful Choices Therapy. Our holistic approach far exceeds treatments that focus on problems that are in reality only symptomatic of a life out of balance. Our approach addresses that balance and produces transformational change. A high level of well-being results, an outcome that is fully incompatible with addictive and compulsive behaviors, including eating disorders and other food and weight issues.

It's transformative and Mindful Choices Therapy is designed for that transformation.

I look forward to talking to you.

Dr. William C Shearer


  • Fully understanding why you have cravings and bad habits
  • Freeing yourself from the habits and cravings that lead you to miss the  richness and beauty of this moment
  • Practicing mindfulness skills for happiness and well-being
  • No longer having to compulsively escape powerful emotions or distressing thoughts
  • Living closer to your heart and values, and finding your authentic self


  • 16 two-hour group sessions
  • Powerful tools to manage negative habits and build lasting positive habits
  • Instruction in mindfulness skills
  • Development of an individualized plan for wellness and well-being
  • Self-assessments, practice forms, and other materials
  • A 434 page copy of Mindful Choices for Well-Being

                                                            Your facilitator: Dr. William C. Shearer

Beginning with his own struggles with food and alcohol, along with compulsive exercise and bouts of anxiety and depression, Dr. Shearer has spent decades working with addictive and compulsive behaviors. He teaches university courses on addiction and ran a military drug and alcohol treatment program for 13 years. He treats alcoholism, substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual addiction, compulsive gambling, Internet addiction, and other addictions and compulsions.

He is licensed in California as a psychologist and also as a Marriage and Family Therapist. His training includes an MPH (Master's in Public Health) from Loma Linda University, with an emphasis on exercise physiology and clinical nutrition. He is an Integrative Medicine Provider, Health Coach and Weight Management Specialist. Fitness Trainer certification is in progress with the American College of Exercise. He is a certified Wellness Coach through the International Association of Wellness Professionals.

Dr. Shearer is a pioneer in eating disorder professional education, and is also a nutrition professor for Brandman University. Additionally, he teaches “The Science of Obesity,” and conducts wellness programs for corporations, universities, and government organizations.

Dr. Shearer is the co-author of Mindful Choices for Well-Being, and the forthcoming Mindful Choices for Couples.












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