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Eating Disorder Treatment

We treat a full range of food and weight issues including:
anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, bulimarexia, binge eating, childhood eating problems, obesity, morbid obesity

One of our clients described her eating disorder as being like wandering alone in an uncharted wilderness, not knowing where she was going or how to return to where she had been. There were no signposts and there was no guide. There was only fear, self-loathing, misery and the anticipation of more misery. That’s when she allowed herself to feel her feelings at all. For the most part, awareness of emotions was clouded by an all-consuming focus on food and weight. She felt stuck! In her first group therapy meeting she stated:

"You talk about recovery. Everyone keeps talking about recovery. What is recovery? I don’t even know what it is. I can’t imagine it. How do you get there? How do I know where I’m at? How do I know if I’m making any progress at all? Sometimes it feels like I’m going backward. Where am I? I feel lost!"

It was a bit like Alice asking the Cheshire Cat “Which road should I take?” The Cheshire Cat asked in turn, ”Where are you going?” “I don’t know where I’m going,” replied Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which road you take,” replied the Cheshire Cat.

Those with an eating disorder need hope and hope comes from understanding that they do not have a “disease for life,” and that no matter how badly they feel at the present time, there is always a way to move beyond present misery toward a happier and more productive life in the future. They need a roadmap.

We provide that roadmap, and the expertise to guide you on your recovery journey from the first stages of a problem to a state of recovery and well-being that few can imagine early in the process. Our experience spans more than 30 years.

We met while both students in a public health program (MPH) at Loma Linda University when a mutual professor introduced us knowing that we were both involved in working with eating disorders. Robin was a school nurse working with eating disorders in the Tustin school district.  Bill had been actively specializing in eating disorder treatment since 1980. Bill was already well-known for his work in establishing the first eating disorder academic courses, developing a model that has spread to colleges and universities across the country.

Subsequently, we have instructed courses in eating disorder treatment and medical aspects of eating disorders.  We have worked with over 1000 eating disorder clients both individually and in group therapy for over three decades.  We've conducted specialized groups for both teens and adults with anorexia or bulimia as well as Mindful Eating groups for compulsive eating.  

We have frequently done workshops on various aspects of eating disorders.  Although our primary focus is on the psychological and emotional aspects of eating disorder recovery, we work within a larger context of promoting well-being.  Bill teaches Human Nutrition at a Southern California University and is a wellness consultant for another University.

We will be happy to send you free and with no obligation, articles we have written on eating disorder treatment and recovery.  Simply send us an email with your request.

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If you or someone you love suffers from an eating disorder, please read our "Eating Disorder Recoverery Roadmap" article at the bottom of the menu on the Home Page.

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