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Group Therapy

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, food and weight issues, addictive or compulsive behaviors, or relationship problems?

Our group therapy is easily the most powerful thing we do at Alternative Group. Group work through mutual support and encouragement, along with  learning and growth stemming from rich content and  group process, brings about transfomational change. You will be guided by  master therapists, making this experience possibly the best gift you can give yourself.
Mindful Choices for Well-Being
A 14 week Transformational Experience


New Mindful Choices fo Well-Being therapy groups are now being formed. Mindful Choices Therapy offers a holistic, action-oriented process of choosing and creating well-being using proven methods for transformational change. We developed Mindful Choices Therapy during three decades of clinical practice. A cornerstone of our method is the systematic mastery of 10 interrelated Mindful Choices:

• Breath awareness and retraining • Beginning and ending your day peacefully • Mindful eating • Cultivating mindfulness • Self-reflection • Living your values • Intentional relating • Mindful movement • Utilizing Mindful Choices tools • Self-Acceptance & Self-compassion

Mindful Choices Therapy blends cognitive neuroscience, Buddhist psychology,  contemplative traditions, mindfulness based stress reduction, and mindfulness-based behavioral therapies. The 14 week group will help you move from a life of too much stress and anxiety (what the we call “dis-ease”) to a life of well-being, balance, and a deep sense of purpose. Instead of acting on autopilot, falling back on habits learned over a lifetime, you will learn how to mindfully make clear choices aimed at creating the life you truly want. Mindful awareness is the starting point for making great choices. Mindful Choices Therapy provides the tools for transforming those great choices into powerful and effective habits.

As one professional book review stated: “The Shearers provide a detailed, practical, and compassionate approach that wakes us up from the trance of autopilot and catapults us toward empowered choices and habits that can free us from depression, anxiety, and so many other dis-eases.”

Group members will be guided through a 14 week experience utilizing our book Mindful Choices for Well-Being, plus a workbook designed to enhance mastery of the 10 “Mindful Choices.” Additionally, between session experiences are provided by way of interactive online tools. The Group experience includes training in Mindfulness Meditation.

Groups meet for two hours on a weekday evening, and continue for 14 weeks with the exception of holiday weeks. Each group is limited to nine participants. For more information contact Dr. William C. Shearer at wcshearer930@Gmail.com, or text message your request to (951) 235-3409.

William C. Shearer, Ph.D, Ed.D, MBA, MPH, Licensed Psychologist PSY 5077

Robin L. Shearer, MA, MPH, RN, MFT, Marriage and Family Therapist MFC 37291

1902 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 150, Redlands, CA  92374


Mindfulness Based Anxiety and Stress Management

The 12 Week C.A.L.M. Group
(Choices for Anxious Lifestyle Management) 

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Stress isn't always bad. In small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you, but when you're constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price. If you frequently find yourself feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, it's time to take action to bring your nervous system back into balance.We have over 25 years specializing in stress and anxiety treatment.

You will receive anxiety management training utilizing mindfulness skills, 
training in cognitive-behavioral techniques for changing self-talk and core beliefs, and development of self-calming skills.

Utilizing supplementary print and video materials, you will have an opportunity to learn mindfulness meditation.  Additionally, you will have an opportunity to experience biofeedback for stress and anxiety management through technology that can be further utilized in individual sessions, or on your own.


While our other groups offer intensive training for immediate stress and anxiety reduction, our Life Choices groups lead to life-planning and long term transformation to having the life you want to have. Over 250 pages of "Life Choices" material, along with video based training in Mindfulness skills. This is our flagship program and a very popular group for several years. We ask for a 12 week commitment but most members choose to stay longer. Most insurances are accepted. Learn more on this website.



A 12 week group experience led by Robin Shearer, M.A., M.P.H., R.N., M.F.T.
We are now enrolling members for January, 2014.

Robin promotes self-acceptance and self-compassion for women, and particularly likes helping her clients rid themselves of harsh and stressful self-criticism, self-defeating beliefs and behaviors, and lack of assertiveness. 




Small groups of 5-8 women work together in finding and embracing a new vision of emotional strength, self-acceptance, and self compassion. Is this a group for you?

The results are often dramatic as the group process and expert group facilitation help you develop a new set of tools for making significant and positive life changes. 

Consider the following questions and choose the number that best represents agreement with your thinking, beliefs, or behavior for each question: 0= not true at all, 1= mostly not true, 2= partially true, 3= largely true, 4=totally true.



  • Do you ever feel compelled to give up taking care of your own needs to please others? 
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed by deadlines and difficult people? 
  • Would you like more appreciation and sometimes feel that too much is expected of you? 
  • Are you held back by self-defeating fears and beliefs? 
  • Do you feel that no matter how successful you are, life still feels unfulfilling and you still feel unhappy and undeserving?
  • Do you treat others far better than you treat yourself? 
  • Do you find it difficult or impossible to be your own best friend?
  • Do you ever feel that other people's wants and needs are more important than your own? 
Total your scores for the eight questions.  A total score of 8 or less means you are already taking excellent care of yourself in terms of self acceptance and self compassion.  Total scores between 9-15 means you're doing a good job but could improve..  Scores between 16 and 23 indicate a likelihood of significant distress stemming from self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.  Scores over 24 indicate urgent attention is needed.
How did you do?  If you woke up tomorrow morning with a lower score, how would your life be different?

It's undeniable that women have come a long way over the last century, but in spite of the progress, many women still respond with "yes" to several of the above questions.  If like many women, you find yourself not liking the life you have very much, feeling powerless to change it, afraid to express your true needs and feelings, and afraid to find out who you really are, this group can be the most important gift you give to yourself.

Call Robin at (909) 798-4668, or email her at wcshearer@calmchoices.com.



Some insurances are accepted.



Alternative Group
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