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The Mindful Choices Therapy Groups

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, food and weight issues, addictive or compulsive behaviors, or relationship problems? 

The Life Choices group is a highly structured group process for mindfulness-based anxiety and stress management. This 12 week psycho-educational group combines Mindfulness practice with the dynamic power of Group Therapy to help participants gain new skills to create positive change for managing stress and anxiety. When mindfulness practice is developed in the context of group therapy, members receive both peer and professional support to better understand self-limiting patterns and live in alignment with their true values. This group is especially helpful for: stress-related disorders, panic disorder generalized anxiety disorder social anxiety, phobic behavior workplace stress, relationship stress stress related compulsions and addictions, and stress related health problems

The Life Choices therapy group is for anyone struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression who wants to be guided in a transformative journey toward being a calm and peaceful person who enjoys life and is relatively free of “dis-ease.”  In fact, the group is of great benefit to anyone who doesn’t particularly like their life as it is at present.

In beginning anything as ambitious as changing old habits or developing a new life style, there are only three important questions:

Where am I now? What is the impact of stress and anxiety on my life, on my health and well-being, on my relationships, and on my future? What is the cost of my stress and anxiety and do I want to keep paying it? Our assessment will reveal areas of strength and areas that you might choose to work on. Moreover, the assessment can be completed again and again so that progress is readily observable and a source of renewed motivation.

Where am I going? Where do I want to be in my ability to effectively manage my stress and anxiety?  How calm, peaceful and fulfilling do I want my life to be? We will guide you in identifying an inviting future, a future where stress and anxiety are manageable and life is satisfying and enjoyable.

How do I get there? What are my choices? What is my “Roadmap?” Our 10 Choices cover every aspect of managing stress and anxiety. Our Action Planning Guide will take you step-by-step toward mastery of each "Choice." Repeated assessment will reassure you that you are on track and making progress toward effectively managing your stress and anxiety.

Mastering your stress and anxiety is perhaps your greatest challenge and we sincerely believe that on the other side of such mastery there is a life of balance and harmony, a life truly worth living.  Our program and group process will guide you through an exploration and understanding of the sources of your stress and anxiety, help you identify goals, provide you with an action plan, and give you a way of keeping track of your progress, staying motivated, overcoming barriers and achieving your goals.  

This is a program about mindful choice and mindful practice. Everything we are suggesting is an individual choice that will in some measurable way increase your sense of well-being, as well as your satisfactions in life. You will be guided in practices of personal transformation that will help you increase optimism, resilience, and mastery over your own life. Over time you will see how seemingly small and routine daily practices add up to major course-corrections and benefits.

After doing your initial assessment, you will pick a choice that will make a major difference in your life, and work with that choice and so you have gained mastery.  You then move on to another choice.  You don’t have to take the choices in order. You can move around, working on whatever choice strikes you as most important at the present time. You can take as much time as you need to demonstrate to yourself that you can gain mastery over a particular choice. Whatever choice you are working on, simply keeping it in your awareness brings about major changes.

Please contact us for additional information about insurance coverage and registering for the group. 

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